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image hosting script

What is imagetize?

Imagetize is currently the most complex image hosting script on the market.

From the very beginning of designing the application, we focus on its possibilities to make money for you. That’s where the name “imagetize” come from, as it is a combination of words “image” and “monetize”.

Our software is very flexible. You can create a casual site thanks to it, that will be used only by random visitors, that do not want to register. It is possible thanks to a great number of functions for unlogged users (upload of pictures, creation of albums, adding comments). However, you can also create a photo sharing site with engaged society. It is possible thanks to the developed module of users.

Our application is currently the most complex and modern solution in the Internet. Apart from providing a reliable software, we also offer quick and professional help with its installation and configuration. We have clients all over the world, who thanks to the advanced functions of our script, entered into both local and international markets. We constantly work on the development of imagetize, so as our client you can expect frequent updates of the code and implementation of new improvements.


  • Easy
    lifetime support
  • Instant download
  • Free upgrades
  • 100% source code!
    No encryption!

Key Features

  • SEO Optimized

    We understand the importance of traffic from the web search, especially from Google. This is why we focused on making imagetize as SEO optimized as possible. Software is perfectly prepared to achieve high positions in SERP. Friendly URL's, auto-generated sitemaps, generated dynamic meta-tags, tags cloud etc.

  • Monetization opportunities

    We created our image hosting software for you to earn on it. All functions like e.g. SEO features, keeping traffic in the website, integration with social media, are supposed to help you increase your profit. Imagetize is an investment that will recover really fast. There are many affilate programs online, thanks to which you can make money on the website. The most important companies thanks to which you can generate your income are described on our website. Those programs are designed both for usual Internet services and XXX websites.

  • Admin panel

    Very complex administration panel. It contains all of the most important functions. Thanks to this function you have all necessary information about the pictures, albums, users or comments in one place. In a second you are informed about new abuse reports and uploaded pictures.

  • Multi-servers

    imagetize is the only application on the market that offers such solution. Thanks to this you can effectively manage the server storage and the available transfer. It helps to accelerate the action of the whole hosting service. Various options of the external servers configurations make it possible for you to adjust the script to your own needs and to the size of your website. As your website develops, you can add new servers, which will maintain a high quality of the services you offer.

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