Features Image Hosting Script

  • Overview

    What is in the package.

  • SEO Optimized

    The script is perfectly prepared to achieve high positions in SERP.

  • Admin panel

    Very complex admin panel. It contains all of the most important functions. It enables the effective management of the site.

  • Users

    The application allows the users to create accounts.

  • Multi-servers

    Perfect solution for big image hosting sites.

Upload box

Complex, useful and intuitive upload box.

  • Upload from computer or website address

    Possibility to upload images from computer or website address.

    Upload of a few images at once

    Possibility to upload a few images at once. The amount is set by the site administrator.

    Creating albums

    If we upload a few images at once, they can be grouped in one album. It can be done by both logged and unlogged users.

    Adding to existing albums

    The registered users may add pictures to albums they previously created.
  • Setting the size and amount limit in Admin Panel

    In the admin panel, one can set the size limit for uploaded pictures (in MB) and the maximal amount.

    Private function

    Images marked as private will not be displayed in any part of the site. They will not be visible on the list of tags, recently uploaded images, search results or in “similar images” box. The only way to access them is entering through a link that is generated after the upload of a given image.

Ads manager

Easy management of adverisements on the website.

  • Easy addition of new ad-units

    In order to add a new advertisement unit, it is enough to paste the advertisement code, and the system will automatically generate that we place on the website. Such solution really facilitates the further edition of advertisement, because instead of changing the advertisement codes on every subpage, it is enough to make one change in the admin panel.
  • Ready advertisement units

    In the default imagetize template, there are default advertisement units. It is enough to paste our own advertisement code.

    Managing units

    The previously created units can be easily edited and deleted.

Theme engine

You can have as many themes as you like and easily switch between them.

  • An easy code edit

    HTML, CSS and PHP code is easy to changing.
  • Switching themes

    If you created a new template before, you can activae it with one click. You can have as many themes as you like and easily switch between them.


The application is multi-language.

  • Easy addition of new language versions

    You want to have a picture hosting website in your language? That’s easy! All you have to change is in one file.
  • Possible change of language by the user

    One can change the website language by one click.

    Setting the default language in Admin Panel

    The administrator can set the language that will be automatically displayed for everyone who enters the website.


Very functional and useful module of albums with photos.

  • Slider with thuimbnails

    One can quickly check the content of a given album by viewing through recently uploaded images. It is enough to move the cursor over the album thumbnail and click on the arrows.
  • Slideshow

    A slideshow is created for every album, that one can sent to his or her friends.
  • Gallery for mobile phones

    A galery for mobile phones is also automatically generated.
  • Other gallery style

    Besides the normal view of the gallery, other style of displaying pictures is also generated.
  • Creation by unlogged and logged users

    The albums can be created by both unlogged and logged users. The logged users can add pictures to existing albums and delete them.

    Quick abuse reporting

    If any album contains pictures that violate the regulations, the abuse can be quickly reported. It is enough to click on the appropriate icon after moving the cursor over the album thumbnail.

Keeping traffic in the site

Keep the users in the site = increase the number of displays = earn more on advertisements.

  • Other images of this user

    Next to every photo of a registered user, a box with photos he or she recently uploaded is displayed.

    Marking out images on the main page

    Marking out the attractive photos will help you make people who just entered into the website interested.

  • Similar images

    If a tag that already exists in the site is assigned to a given image, then a box with similar images is displayed next to it. It helps to keep the users in the service, as they can browse the similar pictures.

    Tags cloud

    A mechanism of tags is created, thanks to which one can mark similar images.


Module of image search.

  • Search images

    Photos are found on the basis of the names of albums and tags.

    Last serarches box

    On the main page and in many subpages there is a box with recently entered search phrases. In order not to direct the user and Google robot to empty pages, only the phrases with results are displayed. Such function helps the Google robot to index more subpages.
  • Automatic generation of slideshows from the results

    In case of every number of results, a slideshow is automatically genereated.

    Managing phrases in the admin panel

    All information about the entered phrases is displayed in the admin panel. More here.


System of tags that allows for grouping of similar images.

  • Tags Cloud

    All tags created in the site are randomly displayed on the main page. A tag cloud is displayed on the album subpage, showing the tags that are assigned to the images in this album. On the user’s profile site, all tags that he or she marked his or her photos with are displayed.

    Advanced tags adding by the upload

    Tags to pictures are added right after the pictures are uploaded. In the imagetize application, a great plug-in was used that allows to easily add, edit and delete the tags.

    Managing tags in Admin Panel

    All tags are manager through the admin panel. You can delete and edit them. You also know what amount of photos is assigned to a given tag. The amount of tags displayed in a cloud can also be set.


System of comments enables to develop a society between users.

  • Managing comments by the users

    In the panel there is a list of comments that were added to our pictures. They can be easily deleted.
  • Adding by logged and unlogged

    Comments can be added by logged and unlogged users. The unlogged users have to enter the captcha code that protects the website from SPAM.

After upload site

Useful after upload site.

  • Automatic generation of useful links

    Imagetize automatically generates new useful links. The addresses with thumbnails for discussion forums and in html version are also generated.
  • Automatic shortening of links

    For every newly uploaded image, a shortened link is generated, both through API adf.ly and bit.ly.
  • Advanced tags adding by the upload

    Tags to pictures are added right after the pictures are uploaded. In the imagetize application, a great plug-in was used that allows to easily add, edit and delete the tags.
  • Socialbookmarks

    With one click, one can share the pictures he or she uploaded with his friends on the social services such as facebook, twitter, Google + and more than 300 of other services.

    The addthis plug-in was used to achieve this. It enables to increase the amount of displays of the site = increses the profit from advertisements.