Features Image Hosting Script

  • Overview

    What is in the package.

  • SEO Optimized

    The script is perfectly prepared to achieve high positions in SERP.

  • Admin panel

    Very complex admin panel. It contains all of the most important functions. It enables the effective management of the site.

  • Users

    The application allows the users to create accounts.

  • Multi-servers

    Perfect solution for big image hosting sites.

We know :)

The imagetize admin panel is not beautiful. It’s neither fresh, or sexy. But it works. It works really good, and that’s what matters the most.

  • List of abuse reports

    Right after you log in, a very important list of recently reported overuses is displayed. Photos or albums that violate the regulations can be immediately deleted by one click.
  • Managing albums

    Name of every album on the list is also a link to it. Moreover, next to every album the most important information about it is displayed: amount of pictures, number of displays, name of the owner and whether it’s private or not. It can be also deleted with one click.
  • Full information on the images

    Next to the thumbnail of every picture, there’s the information on: the number of displays, used transfer (in MB), size (in kB), upload date, whether the picture is “private”, user name and his or her IP.

    The picture can be quickly deleted, or even ban the account and IP of the user who uploaded it. There is also a very convenient option of sorting according to: the amount of displays, used transfer, size and upload date.
  • Baning users and IP

    Every user can be banned on two ways. If he or she is registered – we ban his or her account, so it is not possible to log in. If he or she is not registered – we ban the IP, so he or she can not upload more pictures. There is an option of mass banning of specific IPs, it is enough to paste the list of addresses (separated by a new line).
  • List of searched phrases

    In the admin panel there is also a module that gathers the information about the phrases entered into the search. We can check what words were entered the most often and how many results there is for every phrase.
  • Managing tags

    In the admin panel there is a list of all tags from the service. They can be edited and deleted. Next to every tag there is also an information on the amount of images that it is assigned to.
  • Managing comments

    In the admin panel there is a list of all comments. Each of them can be edited or deleted. Next to each of them there is a thumbnail of a picture that it was added to, name of its author and date of adding.
  • Managing users

    You can easily manage the registered users. Next to the name of each of them, there is the most important information about him or her. A very convenient system of sorting is build-in, that helps to quickly find a specific user.
  • Configuration of Searches & Tags Cloud boxes

    You can very quickly set the amount of tags (in tags box) and recently entered phrases that are to be displayed.
  • Configuration of shortening links

    For every newly uploaded image, a shortened link is generated, both through API adf.ly and bit.ly. One just has to register on those services to receive the data that is necessary for configuration (key and user ID).

    It’s your choice whether you want to use adf.ly,on which you can additionally make money (but the popping advertisements may irritate the users) or non-invasive bit.ly.
  • Statistics

    There are appropriate, professional applications for full statistics, which is why only the most important amounts (of albums, photos, comments and users) are displayed in the admin panel.

    Change of data format in the entire website

    In different countries there are different data formats. This is why in Imagetize you can choose the one that matches yours. The format that you chose will be used in the entire site.