Features Image Hosting Script

  • Overview

    What is in the package.

  • SEO Optimized

    The script is perfectly prepared to achieve high positions in SERP.

  • Admin panel

    Very complex admin panel. It contains all of the most important functions. It enables the effective management of the site.

  • Users

    The application allows the users to create accounts.

  • Multi-servers

    Perfect solution for big image hosting sites.

  • Easy management of external servers

    You can very quickly add, edit and delete external servers.

    Different servers configurations

    If you want, you can keep all pictures on external servers. It is also possible to keep all of them on a local machine. There’s also a possibility to use local and external servers. The choice is yours.
  • Random assignation of pictures between a few servers

    If you have a few servers working at the same time, the pictures will be assigned to them randomly.

    Easy turning off of servers

    If you want, you cant turn off a given server. Then, new pictures won’t be added to it, but the once already uploaded on it will be displayed.

    Easy transfer of pictures between servers

    In order to transfer pictures from one server to another, just transfer them through and then change the data of the external server.